Thanks, C.
That explains my absence in the past couple of months. 

But it was also because there was so much to share I couldn't decide where to start. I mean, JL and I made so many lists to prepare for our immigration paperwork, to offload quite a number of household appliances and furniture, to get to know New York better so we could zoom in to our preferred neighbourhood, to setup banking services there, to single out immediate essentials for the suitcases, near-immediate items for airfreight while leaving the rest for container sea shipment, all these to facilitate our move from 3,600 square feet of spaciousness to 1,200 square feet of Manhattan "massiveness". 
Thanks, S.
Sure I was still active cooking and clicking pictures but we also spent the final weekends traveling to run errands in Singapore (we even revisited what was formerly known as "home"), catching up with friends and family since we weren't sure when we would all get together again. Our life was quickly reduced to just six pieces of luggage. That was when my seven-year-old niece asked me again - the first time was about two years back when we moved to Kuala Lumpur - why I wore the same clothes all the time.
And we are nowhere near all the other "soft" aspects of our relocation: how well and how soon will we adapt to the Big Apple? Will JL like his new role in the new environment? What will I do? How do I start seeking employment when the dust has settled? What do I want to do? Will we have friends? Will we like our new life here?

When friends learned that we were moving here, almost everyone felt excited and happy for us, with some expressing positive jealousy, and then, some others instantly establishing well-founded reason for a trip here very soon. Thanks, you guys, for all these. We hope when your turn comes (yayy!!), you'll be just as excited getting your all paperwork covered, since there is very little one can do without social security number and credit history (more on that later). We also hope you understand moving here to live is very different from a two-week holiday in the US.

Welcome to America!


12/17/2013 21:57

Not been here in a while but am revisiting old blogs that I relaly enjoy reading :) Just wanted to say good luck with the move and I'm sure you guys will do fine. People who can cook always do fine in new places ;)


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